GoPrimal Focus & Power



Wire up your brain with the PRIMAL Nootropic.


Ingredients (per 2 capsules/ daily dosage): 300mg Alpha-GPC, 200mg Theanine, 200mg Bacopa, 6mcg Vit.B12, 50mg Siberian Rhodiola, 120 mg L-Tyrosine, 2.38 mg Bioperine (Piperine)

For everyone interested in improving their concentration, physical strength and vitality. Achieving the optimum results possible every day whether at work or in athletic performance.

Adaptogen herbs and nutrients blend designed to promote natural energy, improve focus-concentration without caffeine or sugar.
Natural energy to maximize vitality and performance at work or athletic performance.

Competition is out there. No matter in which field or what are your intentions, you are competing every day. Whether you are in the corporate world, in a small business, being a parent or trying to date, you are competing against someone to be better, sharper, faster and smarter. Or simple be more efficient and have more time to do things that you love.