We stand for

 High performance from conviction! Our goal is to become one of the most significant online platforms for the sale of high-quality dietary supplements in the German-speaking world.

To this end, we are creating a portfolio of the very best products from the health, sport and lifestyle sectors, so that we can provide our customers with a true one-stop-shop. You can get everything you need from us under the one roof: first-class supplements, health bars and great superfood mixes!

We are currently negotiating with numerous selected manufacturers to expand our range by bringing their products into Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This are the FoodRebels


The health professional in the FoodRebels team. He is our source of both useful and useless knowledge, he can produce all the right studies on every subject to do with dietary supplements, and he makes sure that our portfolio contains only sustainably produced products whose effects are scientifically proven.



The businessman in the FoodRebels team. Nobody quite knows how he does it, but as a graduate in business administration he runs the JuiceFactory chain while at the same time looking after the commercial side of things at FoodRebels, which is essential to keeping the business ticking over.



He could have also completed a degree in technical mathematics and physics, but instead he chose to bring CrossFit to the German-speaking world. In conjunction with CrossFit Vienna, he operates two gyms and travels all over Europe almost every weekend in his capacity as CF HQ Level 4 Flowmaster.


Company History

In 2011 we began to introduce into Austria, Germany and Switzerland dietary supplements which had not previously been available in the German-speaking world. These supplements are suitable for both professional and amateur athletes. Although we started from absolutely nothing, we have still managed to create a strong, widespread sales network.

We currently distribute GoPrimal, Paleobull and Fulfil products across the German-Austrian-Swiss region. Our customers include health food shops, medical practices, pharmacies, Cross-Fit boxing, fitness centres, coffee shops and juice bars.